What drives a black African christian woman who is almost 50 years old, a mother of 4, and grandmother to buy a motorcyle?

One four letter word -DARE

In the book, Dare, Doris shares personal stories that illustrate how living an authentic and fulfilled life requresbravery, faith and passion.
Doris challenges us all to believe that there is more to life than what our background, circumstances or social norms dictate.
This is a Godly manual on how to live a life that DARES to fulfillGod’s plan and promise for abundance.
We can all live life to the fullest-if we DARE to!

What is Dare about?

Like the title, Dare is a book of diary entries that are written by a grandmother to a grandchild. The diary entries capture life lessons, encouragements, and exhortations from the grandmothers life that will help the grandchild build a better future for herself. The main theme of the book is that we do not have to attach our identities and destinies to our circumstances or backgrounds but rather that we all have a higher calling. Understanding that issues of identity and purpose are issues of courage and bravery, I chose to title the book DARE.

What was your inspiration for the book?

The content is based on life lessons learnt by the author. Coming from a background of difficult circumstances after my parent’s divorce, and at one time experiencing extreme poverty, verbal and physical abuse, but fighting to make it in life, I felt that it was important to leave behind a record of the valuable lessons that have gotten me where I am today. As a counselor, a teacher and pastor, I have found that this passing on of lessons isn’t a common thing in our world today. I wanted to lovingly give the reader an invaluable guide to a philosophy for better living. It weaves personal experiences with spirituality into a much needed inspirational message. This is because I believe that to be a fulfilled person one must find their God-given purpose and the assignment carried therein, do it for God, for others and self.

Why should anyone read Dare?

Although the book is a diary to the grandchild, it really is applicable to anyone of us at different stages of our lives. I have been pastoring for over a decade and I am also an intercessor, so this means I spend a lot of time listening and counselling people regarding their emotional pain, broken relationships and limiting beliefs. I find that the most of the time, these issues involve unmet needs from the pastor, unresolved pain from the past. Often these unmet needs are the main obstacles to most people fulfilling their potential and becoming all that God intended them to be. As a woman of faith, I believe strongly that all life is precious, no matter the circumstances of your birth.

I believe that God’s design and intent for all of us is that we live a life of fulfilled destiny. And I think the first port of call, is finding the courage to deal with the obstacles in our way, no matter our age or situation.

DARE was really my call to action for people to rise up and discover who they are called to be and the impact that can have on many of the issues that hold us back as a nation and as a continent. After reading DARE, readers will:

•Develop an appreciation of their identity in God and family.
•Develop an appreciation of their background and its impact on their decision making process
•Have an attitude of gratitude no matter what their circumstances
•Have a desire to find their purpose in life and live it by doing their assignment.
•Develop a need to impact one’s sphere of influence positively.

What is the Dare Movement?

I have pledged to giveaway as many books as I can to young people who are vulnerable and homeless for as long as I can get sponsors willing to buy a book or books for any young person needing one. I will be touring children’s shelters, drop-in centers and communities and running mentor sessions where I will give away books to the young people.


Why Did I Write Dare?

I have always been an avid reader and had a passion to write. As a minister of the Word, I found that this passion for communication and creativity would come out in my teaching and ministering of the Word. I knew I would eventually start writing but I had no idea when. However, a few years ago, I went through some challenging situations in my family. I felt deeply challenged on all fronts of my life because as a pastor, you often have to live through your pain and disappointments in the public eye. Our family chose to lean into the love of Christ and allow Him to heal us at an individual level and together as a whole.

We purposed that we would come out of it stronger. In the process of getting through this season, I had an encounter with God. I felt challenged to examine the idea of myself that I was putting “out there” and ask myself if I was being authentic. Was I still growing?

And I found that I needed to realign my life to a place that was true to who I was, and not just playing it safe. My lifetime passion for books and writing was reawakened in that season. I stepped out in faith and worked on DARE. I am already in the process of writing another book and am looking forward to extending the DARE series in the future.

About Doris:

Doris Mufara is a wife, mother and founding trustee of G.R.A.C.E Foundation and Place of Prayer. She is also an author and working on launching her first book titled DARE–Diary to My Grandchildren. She and her husband, Stern, have four children and one grandchild and live in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. She is a trained pastor and counsellor. Having worked in pastoral ministry for more than a decade, as well as working with the homeless and other vulnerable people, especially women and children, she is extremely passionate about marriage and relationship, and has a God given ability to bring healing to broken hearts.

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